Music Man's Personal Page
If you came to this page, you either...
1. Clicked the link by mistake
2. Got lucky just typing in random things to your browser
3. Actually wanted to be here

If number 3 is true, then thanks! Let's begin with the personal stuff... A short biography looks good here... You all know me as Music Man, and that's the way it's going to be :P I'm 16, go to Northern Lehigh, and have a GREAT girlfriend, whom I love so much. She's my Music Lady ;) I play baseball for Northern Lehigh and Lehigh Valley, and on occasions, semi-pro wrestle. Thus far I've wrestled in WCWF, EWW and OCW, under the name Crymson Myst. My favorite video game genre is RPG, and my favorite real-world music genre is anything hard... Yet not too hard, like those annoying screaming bands... Not even music. Well, I promised it'd be short, and yes, I'm done. More to come soon!

-Music Man